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Re: receiving message "The media you're uploading already exists in your media library"

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Sorry to say, but it is even worse now.


I tried everything mentioned in the article.


Tried 2 USB C cables. The camera said USB Connected but the SD card never shows up on the screen.

I formatted the SD card and tried again using both cables, still nothing.


I got an older SD card from one of my Hero3 Black cameras (that connected easily). Inserted the SD card into the Hero 8 Black, formated the card took a picture and connected with the USB C cable. Nothing. Attached the second USB C cable, still nothing.


I reset the camera using the Preferences -> Reset -> Factory Reset. Now The camera will not connect to my WiFi or smart phone (iPhone 8). I keep getting the message " SOMETHING WENT WRONG, Authentication Failed. Make sure the password is correct. GOT IT"

I have verified the password is correct and I cannot get the app to recognize the camera. I restarted the camera and the computer and the phone. Still no connection.


This is getting VERY frustrating.

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Re: receiving message "The media you're uploading already exists in your media library"

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Hello @wallacedavidg


For the pairing issue please try the steps below:

Remove your camera entry from the GoPro App's history. 
iOS: Open GoPro App. Tap the pencil icon in the top-left corner of the Camera menu page. Tap the red X icon to delete the camera entry from your app’s history. 
Delete the GoPro camera under the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi entries in your mobile device’s settings before attempting to re-pair to your GoPro.

For the USB connection issues, see Camera is Not Recognized on Quik for desktop - Mac


Let us know how it goes.