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login problems

Dear GoPro support,


I am experiencing problems trying to log into my plus account. The two step authentication messages won't reach my phone in time (or at all) to be able to log into my account. It takes anywhere between 15 to 60+ minutes before I get the codes, if I get them at all. I have tried to log in on a Windows machine, a Macbook and my phone, no difference there either.


Is there any way to disable this form of authentication, or are these temporary techincal difficulties?



Christopher Nowak

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Re: login problems

@2lowfpv, sorry to hear about the trouble. The two factor authentication can be disabled once you're logged in to your account (Settings > Two-Step Verification). By any chance, have you also already tried contacting your phone service provided to troubleshoot the problem with codes not going through? There were cases where restarting the mobile device also helped.

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Re: login problems

I'm also having problems with two step authentication.  It send the code to my phone during the setup process, but after that I've never been able to receive codes, so I'm locked out of my account.


The problem is 100% with GoPro's systems and they refuse to do anything to help me (A PAYING GOPRO PLUS CUSTOMER) other than claim my phone doesn't work and I should just create a new GoPro account.  What!?


If I reply "HELP" to the # from which I received the SMS code during the GoPro setup process I receive an immediate SMS response from Amazon AWS SMS services.  So GoPro is obviously using AWS SMS service, and my phone is receiving those messages.


They claim they have no logs for SMS messages sent during logins.  So they're either liars or technically inept.

GOPRO TECH SUPPORT: In case it's the latter, here are the instructions: