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gopro media on my android tablet will not upload to the Gopro cloud

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After several weeks of leaving my Samsung Android tablet turned on with the Gopro app open, only about half of the files have uploaded via the Gopro app to the Gopro cloud.  In the past several day, no further files have uploaded.  Any ideas on how to get the remaining files to upload to the Gopro cloud.  

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Re: gopro media on my android tablet will not upload to the Gopro cloud

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Hello @travel53. Upload time is dependent on multiple factors, namely your network speed and the file size of your content. If you are using a wireless network, ensure that your device has a stable Wi-Fi connection. 

Though the process should automatically start when your phone is within Wi-Fi range, try the following accordingly to force restart the upload process: 

  1. Make sure that you're connected to the Wi-Fi network. 
  2. Disable Mobile Upload and Celular Upload (if enabled) in the app. Settings > Account > GoPro Plus > Mobile Upload 
  3. Completely force close out of the app (from the Home screen, swipe up on the app's preview to close the app). 
  4. Re-open the GoPro App. 
  5. Enable Mobile Upload. 


The items in the App tab will start to queue up for cloud upload. Successful uploads will briefly display a checkmark. If an item fails to upload, it will be marked with an error icon, and it’ll try the upload again when your device is in range. 

Note: To begin a mobile upload, your device needs at least 120 percent of the total file size of your upload available in storage. For example, if the content contains 1GB of data, your device needs 1.2GB of available storage to start uploading.

Also, try to access the Manage page on your PLUS Media Library using a web browser on your computer, and then check if you have the files on the list. From there, you can either retry uploading the media or delete it from the list so you can try re-uploading. Let us know how it goes.

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Re: gopro media on my android tablet will not upload to the Gopro cloud

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I have done all of that. 


My upload speed is about 10 Mbps.  I pulled to SD card out of the GoPro and uploaded it through my computer. I had about 50 video files varing between 0.1 and 2 GB.  I tried to upload them over night but only 6 files uploaded before GoPro gave me a fail message.  The next try got a few more, with several flagged as error, before the upload stopped.  I will just store the video files on my computer.  The GoPro cloud may be OK for phote files, but it doesn't work if you hve more that 5 or 6 short video files that you want to store.