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Uploading Videos

Hello, I was not able to update a few videos and also some pictures from my go pro black 7 to the cloud.  I was able to upload them to my computer. From the app on my computer I then I tried to upload the media from my computer to the app and the message I get in the app in my activity says that they are already in my media library.


I hope that you can help me,

Carolyn Krahner

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Re: Uploading Videos

Hello, @carolynk28021. How were you uploading your media initially? Was it through auto upload from the camera to the PLUS cloud? Did you get any error message while you were uploading?


Try checking your media library by logging in to . Scan through the library and see if your media are there. You may filter using "Recently Added" for an easier search. Please also scan through all the files to see if the media may have been incorrectly dated and could be under a different timeline. 


If the media in question are not found in the library, try uploading them manually (not through the app on your computer). While you are on the web at, click on "Add Media" and drag and drop the files from your computer. 


Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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Re: Uploading Videos

Hi @carolynk28021 I see that your more recently uploaded files have a capture date of January 1, 2016. This typically happens when the camera is not synced to the phone app for a while. Can you go to:


Login to your account and then on top where it says "Media", click on "Recently Uploaded". You should see those files there. If you want to change the capture date for those files, then select the ones you want to change it for and on the top blue section, click "Edit Date"(the second icon next to download) Select the date you want and Save.


Let me know if you have any issues.