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Since February 26th waiting for a refund!

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On February 26th, 2021
@aenriquez wrote:

@passegua, apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Upon checking on your case, our Support Team advised that you can try to re-subscribe to GoPro Subscription as they've already requested a refund for the initial subscription charge.

Should you have further questions, you may reach out to our Support Team through to initiate a callback request or chat with one of the representatives.


TWO MONTHS later I am still chatting with your support just to be cheated once more! Please have a look at my last conversation and decide your self if this GoPro Support deserve any trust.


ohn Eric (12/4/2021, 15:14:20): Hi Daniele.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:14:27): Hope you are doing great today!
Me (12/4/2021, 15:14:32): As you see my case 08877550 is waiting a solution since very very very long time
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:15:22): Thank you for bringing up this to our attention, I'll be more than happy to assist you about your refund status.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:15:41): Please give me a few minutes to review the case.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:18:18): Thank you for patiently waiting, Daniele.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:19:37): Upon reviewing here they are still working on the refund status, our special team, doing a follow ups on our financial team. I'll continue working with this case to see the status of the refund.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:19:57): We will notify once we have a progress on the refund.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:21:13): This is ridicolous! I'll get a refund after ONE year? When my subscritpion will end? My patience has come to a limit.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:22:32): I connect to this chat service once a month to get always the same answer like yours.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:22:57): My time and my money is really worth as yours!
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:23:43): The refund for the subscription should be within 30 days. However, we don't have any insight about the status of the refund.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:24:24): What we usually do, we need to contact our team to know directly the status of your refund.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:24:39): 30 days? I am waiting since more than 60 days!
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:25:04): I totally understand that. That is why we need to contact our team in regards about this matter.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:25:45): And every time I chat I get the same answer like yours! I understand it's not your personally fault but I a totally disatisfied customer!
Me (12/4/2021, 15:26:27): I got this many many many times: "contact our team in regards about this matter"
Me (12/4/2021, 15:27:00): If you really "totally understand that" than you should really solve this problem!
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:27:05): That we usually do, because we don't have any insights on the status of the refund.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:27:47): If you "don't have any insights on the status of the refund." Who else should have it?
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:28:22): If I could only process and release the refund on our end, then I should do it right now. But we don't have any tools here and only our financial department who handle about the refund.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:29:09): Well tell me who should contact this "inancial department"? You or me myself?
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:30:01): We do it on behalf of the customers, due to we don't have direct numbers that can our customer contact.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:30:03): I really do not understand what this support chat is here for
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:31:14): We can only cancel the subscription, check the status of the subscription, technical problems of the issue, and status of the order.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:31:41): you wrote me that usually 30 days are enough to see a refund, so please try to investigate why I am waiting for so long.
John Eric (12/4/2021, 15:32:25): Absolutely! Daniele. That is what I'm going to do.
Me (12/4/2021, 15:32:33): My subscription has been already cancelled since months, I am waiting the terrible refund!
Me (12/4/2021, 15:33:41): Well I already spent too much time in this useless and painfull chat, sorry but I am totally discouraged and frustrated


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Re: Since February 26th waiting for a refund!

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What absolute trash. This company is morally bankrupt. I will be using DJI or Sony products moving forward.
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Re: Since February 26th waiting for a refund!

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I was about to ask for a refund of the subscription due to the pathetic upload speeds and buggy app. Thanks for posting this, I don't think I'll be wasting any time with the support people. I will post lousy reviews on every review site I can think of. Won't get my €50 back, but I'll get some satisfaction.