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Revocation of my Gopro subscription (Gopro 구독 취소)

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Dear GoPro Support,

친애하는 GoPro 지원팀,

I hereby revoke my Gopro subscription from my order from 10/13/21 within the statutory withdrawal period.
Please refund the amount within 14 days the payment method I used.
저는 법정 탈퇴 기간 내에 10/13/21부터 곱로 구독을 취소하게 되었습니다.
14일 이내에 결제한 금액을 환불해주세요.

I feel the way in which support is lived here as absolute cheek. Nothing is automated, everything is manual processes that require an employee or feedback. Understandably, your employees only work within business hours. The procedure you have chosen, however, creates unnecessary delays. Why can't I revoke my subscription within 14 days at the push of a button or, alternatively, your system could also recognize this automatically when the subscription is canceled and let the subscription period expire after 14 days. Instead, nobody can be reached, the checkbox when revoking the hardware had no function although you could note there that you want to return the subscription. My account currently says that my subscription will now run for exactly 1 year. That would be correct in the case of a normal termination, but not in the case of a revocation. In your FAQs you should contact the support to withdraw your consent (unfortunately no one was there) or, alternatively, follow the steps below. But they "only" explain the way of the normal termination which I have exercised.
Please confirm my cancellation by email and refund the amount.
About the quality of the GoPro Hero 10, I better not start to reefer at all, that would degenerate here. But the front display, which was overlooked with micro-scratches on delivery, unfortunately does not meet the requirements of a premium brand. The photo quality is on iPhone 1 level and if you disregard Raw and look at the JPGs, this is a complete pixel slush on a normal cloudy day as soon as you zoom in a little. But I better stop now.


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Re: Revocation of my Gopro subscription (Gopro 구독 취소)

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@원호이, I was able to locate your GoPro Subscription using the email address on your Support Hub profile. The subscription automatically renews until canceled through your Account settings at or us (with the assistance of our Support Team). You can see the full subscription terms here.


Your GoPro Subscription started on 10/13/2020 and was renewed on 10/13/2021. However, it is now showing as canceled with the effective end date of 10/13/2022. Your subscription will no longer auto-renew and you'll have access to all of the benefits of subscribing for the remainder of your term.

As for the issue with your HERO10 Black's front screen and image quality concerns, we'd like to help look further into these. Could you please share with us a photo showing the problem with the camera's front screen and sample footage with the image quality issues from your GoPro?


You can upload the sample raw/unedited footage to your Dropbox or Google drive and provide us the shared link so we can look into the details here. Thanks!