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Replacement camera

I have now tried several times to contact support over a period of at least 4 weeks in order to get a replacement for the camera which was damaged several weeks ago.

I have filled in the contact form numerous times and requested call-backs / a chat.

I am now getting "InvalidCaptcha, Please retry" message?

Basically I am getting nowhere. I am in sales and if I treated my customers like this I wouldnt have many left!

Please could someone make contact with me as I am not getting what I am paying for. If I cant get this resolved I thimk ios time to let potential customers know how existing customers are treated via the social media.

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Re: Replacement camera

Hello, @duncanb43478. Make sure that you contact Support within the hours of operation specified on the contact page. If you continue to get the Captcha error ar any error, try using a different device (computer or mobile phone). Clear cache on your browser, use a different browser or an incognito browser.