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Problems Ordering after subscribing

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I ordered the Hero8 combo a couple of months ago along with the subscription service.  This was a business purchase and I used our business debit card with no issues.

Fast forward to the present day and I have been trying to order the media mod and dual battery wall charger to no avail.  Tech support continues to claim it is an issue with the information I am inputting for my card.  They have also confirmed that I am using the exact same information I used for my original Hero8 order from a couple of months back.

I have tried different cards, family member credit cards, personal debit cards, different browsers, mobile, and desktops, etc.  

I always receive the same error "Your order could not be submitted. Please try a different payment method."  Sometimes the website ikicks me back to the go pro homepage with no order notification.  My bank says that no transaction has been attempted and that these problems are coming from GoPro's website.

I am at my wit's end with this and am considering canceling the subscription and selling the camera.  

I would be completely fine if GoPro would just admit they are having issues, I could wait, but they continuously tell me its my card which I have proven to be untrue from using an assortment of different cards within my family and business.

Sorry for the rant.


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Re: Problems Ordering after subscribing

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Hello @darinw01


For those getting the payment options error, it appears as though our Order Support Team has run into an issue with your order/s and it was declined.

You'll be able to resubmit your order online through, however before you do so, please ensure that your billing information is accurate with your bank or you may want to try using a different card.If you continue to get the same, you may order from authorized sellers or local retailers instead.



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Re: Problems Ordering after subscribing

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I don't know if you read my post but, I have tried multiple cards already.  I have called my bank to confirm the info and have confirmed that there is nothing erroneous regarding my payment credentials.  

Also, I spoke with GoPro's tech support previously and they confirmed the information I used to originally buy my Hero8 black is the same info I am using to try and buy the accessories I currently am trying to purchase.  What has happened between now and then?  

Your response is tone-deaf and insulting because your excuse for GoPro's error in trying to process every card I've tried has been proven false and doesn't even fall in line with my past purchases.

If GoPro would simple say they are dealing with a bug or some other sort of problem on their end I could live with that and wait it out, but you continuously put the blame on your customers and offer no helpful information.

Please give some real information and stop it with the cut and paste responses.  


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Re: Problems Ordering after subscribing

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I was able to complete my order, minus the discount...

I used guest checkout using the same card as always and I received the same error that everyone has been receiving.  

I edited my payment options to Paypal and used the same exact card that has been getting denied by GoPro (although used to buy a hero8 just a couple months ago) and it worked.

What are the chances that GoPro makes good on me losing out on the discount benefits I couldn't receive as a subscriber?    

How about it Ej?