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Previous Subscriber's pay more than new Subscribers with Hero9 Bundle

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I have been a subscriber for several years now, and up until this point I have paid monthy.  When I saw the Hero9 Bundle that included a 1 year subscription I decided it was time to upgrade my camera and take advantage of this great deal.  After purchasing and receiving the camera I noticed that I was still being charged monthly for my subscription so i went back and looked at my email with my purchase information and noticed a huge problem!  The Bundle deal was not applied, instead I paid the full price with a $100 discount which totaled $431.18 after taxes.  This is because I was already a subscriber so they would not apply the 1 year subscription in place of my monthly payments.  Had I not already been a subscriber but instaed had been new to the GoPro world I would have paid $299 for the Bundle plus $49 for the year subscription with a total cost of $349.98.  


So basically the bundle costs $499.  Previous subscribers (also known as loyal long term customers) get duped into believing they will get a great deal including a 1 year subsctiption.  Instead they are given a $100 discount which does not include the 1 year subscription so you will continue to pay your monthly subscription costs (which totals around $60 for a year) thus that $100 discount is more of a $40 discount.  Thus existing subscripers bay $431.18 for the bundle and do NOT receive a one year subscription. New customers that buy the bundle get a $200 discount (dropping the $499 to $299) and then add $49.99 for the 1 year subscription with a total cost of $349.98.


Existing Loyal Customer Price - $431.18 AND NO 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION

New Customer Price - $349.98 WICH INCLUDES A 1 YEAR SUBSCRIPTION


Thanks GoPro, you really know how to treat your loyal customers like trash!  What an abismal joke of a company to treat their loyal customers this way - clearly all about maximum profit with no concern about treating their customers right.

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Re: Previous Subscriber's pay more than new Subscribers with Hero9 Bundle

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Hi @shrekp958


This promotion is only available to new subscribers, and existing subscribers are ineligible. We appreciate your feedback and we’ll use this information to help shape future promotions.


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Re: Previous Subscriber's pay more than new Subscribers with Hero9 Bundle

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If you have EVER had a GoPro Plus subscription you will run into problems. For instance if you had a sub but canceled it many years ago you will have days of headache sorting it out. I ran into this and fixed it but it took a huge effort.

Truly long term GoPro users are at the bottom it is apparent. this is very different from modern and successful Customer treatment many experience with other Tech such as Apple products and services.