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Hero8 not turning on and support is the worst

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My month old Gopro8 black turned out to be faulty and doesn't turn on after taking it under water once now, I have tried changing battery , resetting, power only and other thing , nothing helps.

In the Past Many days , I have tried contacting GoPro support from India and have realised its absolutely terrible and non existent and my whole trip is spoiled.

I have requested callback several times and I never get a call back, and the chat always says either "Sorry, all agents are helping other customers right now. Please try again later." or "Its not available for you" .  I have already tried changing the region to US, language, clearing cache and everything else, those are just excuse.

The tollfree numbers of India doesn't work ( +080010 09541 or +080010 09542 or +00080010 09541 or +00080010 09542) 

I have tried changing Browsers using different numbers, using icognito mode, no I dont copy paste I alsways type every time I try to contact. But Nothing at all works. Tried reaching out on social media tweeting about it , but I guess no one cares, should I just dump this new device, which I spent my one year savings on?

If Any one can help here are the details, atleast provide a tollfree number which is reachable from India.
Don't reccomend "" because it doesn't work. I have requested a call back like several times and havent got a call back since 7+days, Now posting this and I know there will be a reply that your callback is in the queue , but I still wont get a call back. Can someone tell me where can I physically dump this GOpro8 or provide some actual support?

Case Number: 08413343
My email is:

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Re: Hero8 not turning on and support is the worst

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Sorry to hear about the trouble, @stoutflash4007. We see your callback request in the system. Our team is currently working through a high volume of contacts so our response time may be slightly longer than usual. Rest assured, we'll follow up with you as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.