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GoPro Software is lacking in general

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Okay, I have two issues, but they are game enders.  


1. Quik will not open on my PC - tried it all


2 GoPro plus, which I pay for, will not accept a file in Chrome, but tells me to use Chrome... "browser conflict"


I don't think I'd purchase one of these cameras if I knew it'd be so hard tring to view and edit and download the media.

I was under the impression that GoPro had their proverbial sh*t together, but I am dissapointed.  Waste of $$$$$$$

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Re: GoPro Software is lacking in general

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Hello @bikerdude992. Sorry to hear about the trouble. There are some troubleshooting suggestions here that will help resolve the issue with Quik for Desktop: Quik for desktop Fails to Launch

As for accessing your GoPro PLUS Media Library through a web browser, if you haven't yet, try again after clearing cache and cookies or using a different browser. You may also explore using an incognito browser to see if it makes a difference.