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GoPro Plus does not work - no GoPro response over a month

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I opened my case on 23rd of April reporting no automatic upload from camera GoPro 7 Black. I went through all checks required by GoPro support without successes. Since the service did not work at all I wanted to cancel the service and claimed my money back. I contacted GoPro several times, they never were able to provide response. GoPro support event cannot (does not want to) answer the question what is the legal obligation to provide the answer - the support is very carrefully avoiding answering the question.

Now there is more than a month without further contact from GoPro. I even can no longer to access them by chat.

Realy fed up with that company - previously I had so many problems with freezing camare that it was already replaced 3 times and the fourth camera still has the same issues.


GoPro I want to cancel the GoPro Plus subscription on the basis it does not work and claim all my money back - do respond finally!




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Re: GoPro Plus does not work - no GoPro response over a month

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Hi @eligiuszh1


Sorry if this is taking longer than usual.

We are checking your case further.

I'll provide an update as soon as I get one.