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GoPro Plus Cloud (website and app) Enhancement Requests

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I have requested following over email/feedback from the app, and I am requesting it here with a hope that these are implemented.


  1. Website/App: Ability to create group files (albums, or tags, or whatever)
  2. Website/App: Ability to see original file metadata
  3. Website/App: Ability to see upload date
  4. Website/App: Search/Sort/Filter by date, filename, upload date, creation date, metadata (gps location, etc.)
  5. Website/App: Map overlay -- show a map with overlay of images/videos taken at different locations
  6. Mobile App: Show option to force/priortize (re)upload files (stuck) in mobile app (App tab)

I think, we also need a dedicated Desktop Uploader App:

  1. The app doesn't require us to import files on laptop/desktop internal disks before upload can happen.
  2. An user should be able to plug in a SD Card or External Drive, browse files from Uploader App, and then upload.
  3. the app is smart enough to figure out duplicates without uploading whole file to server. I understand, the app can calculate hash of files, send to server, get a response from server if a file is new or duplicate;
  4. The app allows user to overwrite files on server even if it exists -- user might have reasons (show file in different upload date group)
  5. The app is smart enough to resume uploads
  6. The app can provide preferences to set max bandwidth/speed it can consume per day or anytime.
  7. The app can be smart enough to remember external storage devices, and provides backend to Quik so it can also content of these external storage devices (if plugged in).


The GoPro Quik allows upload but it requires us to import files to GoPro folder (which I might configure to be a directory on external disk), but it has severe limitations -- the GoPro directory might be hosted on a disk with limited storage; the time that goes in importing from one disk to another, and so on.


Thank you

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Re: GoPro Plus Cloud (website and app) Enhancement Requests

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@tens0r, we appreciate the insight as it can help us build a better experience with our products and applications. We'll relay this information to the team in charge. Let us know if anything else comes up. Stay stoked & have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!

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Re: GoPro Plus Cloud (website and app) Enhancement Requests

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I'm seconding the Enhancement Requests.  the GoPro Plus cloud app is pretty useless except for storage.  And then it is hard to find what you may be looking for.   Custom grouping, filtering, and read access to filenames, dates, metadata is a must.