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After GoPro not applying my 12 months cloud storage when I bought the max bundle, the bastards told me I need to buy it again to activate it and then they will refund me. So I did. I used the Google store and NOW GO PRO TOLD ME THE PLAY STORE GOPRO IS NOT THEIRS. All calls have Been recorded so far including being told...


1) my max bundle will include the 12 months subscription after my free 1 month trial ends

2) was then told to purchase it to activate as it didn't get applied after the month trial

3) was told I will get refunded 

4) now told that play store 1 year warranty purchase is not their GoPro so they can't refund me 


 If that's the case then how did i get the free trial activated then ????


PayPal has now got involved, media has now got involved and the phone calls will be released to the public media once the police (yes they have now got involved and are now working with me to go through the correct channels for prosecution of theft) and so now go pro is going to get media coverage but not the way they wanted. I will now ask for the public to also get involved. Papers are now being served for a file on theft and will update once the court proceedings take place. I will also publicly publish all response from go pro statements  with regards to their pathetic excuses that the courts will be told, as a copy will be sent to me too and I will scan and publish all that is said and written by them.