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[FEATURE REQUEST] more Media Library sorting / filtering options

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requesting that there be a few more filtering options added to the media library.

i'm in a family with several gopro cameras, and while my wife and i enjoy using the MAX and HERO9 Black, my son will often use my old HERO7 Black and fills up the library with like 5x more videos than me, making my videos harder to find / sort through


i am wondering if it's possible to add filter options sorting by


(just a filter to select which camera the videos/photos were captured by, so i can select HERO9 and it will only show those videos)


(where i can maybe see only all 1440p videos or all 4K videos, etc)


since the metadata of the videos should already have the information, it should be easily to implement


does anyone else second this?

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Re: [FEATURE REQUEST] more Media Library sorting / filtering options

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Hi @jonathankoziol


We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users.
We'll have this shared with the team in charge.