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Doing a credit card charge back

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1) paid for max and 1 year cloud bundle

2) cloud bundle didn't activate

3) told I should purchase again to activate it and apply for refund

4) informed that play store or website would be fine

5) bought on playstore 

6) was then told by staff play store is 3rd party and won't refund 


so why the hell was I told that ??


Thankfully I was smart enough to record all calls. So this is what I'm going to do. Not only get the charge back of the £50 cloud you nicked.. but also going for the actual £400 camera bundle. You want to steal of me... My turn now and yes... You can use this message as evidence for any police inquires. Personally it will costs GoPro more in solicitor fees so they will be running at a loss plus I'm not working so I will get legal aid and will only pay back £1 a month. 


Would advise others to do the same