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Custom tags (for footage and HiLights)

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I'm new to the GoPro system so I might be missing something here. I tried finding out but there seems to be no tutorial on how to organize your footage (yet)...


There seems to be no decent way to review and sort your footage except for adding rather anonymous 'HiLights'. For a paid cloud service where lots of files are stored, that seems to me as a really essential feature. I have my GoPro for a week now, trying out different video projects, starting a vlog, etc... My kids are also using the GoPro, of course. So now I have about 100 files generated in a couple of days, on various subjects and from various users, and no way to sort them efficiently. Except maybe downloading them to a different location and sorting them there, or organizing the filenames into a huge excel sheet.


I was expecting a system like 'HiLights' to be more flexible, meaning that you can not only add some type of HiLight (the normal, or the slo-mo type) but also attach a custom tag to it. Also, the HiLight as I see it now doesn't support a footage range, which you don't expect as usually, footage that you want to highlight actually has a start, an end, and subsequently a length/range. It would be useful if HiLights implemented these features so that you can use the filter/sort functions on the cloud storage to find highlights assigned to a custom tag. The added value to the GoPro Plus and app/web interfaces would be amazing! (e.g. not just creating an edit based on 1 file, but using a custom tag to find all highlighted footage on a single topic..)


Minimally though, I had expected to find a system in place to organize files. Not as fancy as above to start with, but manageable. Like being able to move files into a folder, or even better: assigning custom tags to files and being able to search for that. (The fact that the files themselves remain in a single bucket doesn't matter if you use tags.) This is not just a 'nice to have' but an actual requirement, and I'd really like to get an answer from the dev team about whether or not this is on the roadmap. I'm willing to wait (especially for a system like the extended HiLights as described above) but if there is no organizing-feature coming I will have to move my content elsewhere.


So 1) FEATURE REQUEST regarding HiLight features and tags/folders and 2) ROADMAP regarding planned features. Please don't close the thread without having a dev team member elaborate on both points. :) Thanks!

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Re: Custom tags (for footage and HiLights)

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@ralphxd let me rewrite what you are asking for so I can understand it better:


1) Have the ability to define highlights in videos by indicating start/end time - I haven't heard of this ask before but will check

2) Add custom tag(s) to the media and allow for searches/grouping based on that(this is on our roadmap)

3) Allow files to be organized in folders - We do minimally allow this today with "Shared links"(on the web app if you multi-select items, it will let you create a link to all of the selected items)




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Re: Custom tags (for footage and HiLights)

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@epicboost16310 Thanks for replying!


1) No, I meant that it seems that a HiLight is like a single frame. But in reality, sometimes a highlight last 1 second, sometimes 20 seconds. There seems to be no way to define where the highlight starts and where it ends.


2) This is the most important feature if you ask me, and you describe it correctly. Adding custom tags to media and make it searchable. (Note: my suggestion to also add the ability to add these custom tags to HiLights would be epic! I could then see myself asking the app to create an edit based on all highlights tagged with 'Surfing', regardless of which media file the highlight is actually in.)


3) Organizing in folders wouldn't be achieved by creating a share link, so I'm not sure what you mean by this. I've tried a few things out and it doesn't seem useful as a means of sorting/organizing. Also, additional operations normally performed on folders aren't available, such as moving around, nesting, or even renaming.