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Crazy Customer Service! - You can not order batteries in the UK

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So yesterday I tried buying a Hero 8 camera with a trade in deal, a battery charger and a battery. I also signed up for GoPro Plus, thinking I could get a deal on the battery. When I came to pay, the discount on the battery had disapeared. Today I contacted customer service and was told because I was using the Trade Up deal I couldn't get discount on batteries!

So I was advised to Order the camera seperatly. Then order the batteries on another order. No problem that's what I tried to do. Only to be informed that you can not order batteries in the UK becasue of shipping restrictions. So it would appear that you can not order batteries in the UK, unless you buy them with a camera order! So how do we get extra batteries?

If I have signed up to GoPro Plus, why can I not apply discount to batteries?

I order batteries for drones regularly in the UK and also from Amazon. Why can't I get them from GoPro? A perk of GoPro Plus is discount on Accessories, but now that excludes all batteries!


I also was offered a discount on the charger, but you have guessed it, this disapeared on check out. I have attached a screen shot.

I am finding my shopping experience with GoPro very frustrating!

Screenshot 2019-10-16 at 21.19.07.png
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Re: Crazy Customer Service! - You can not order batteries in the UK

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I got absoluttely the same problem as you. Customer service adviced to return my trade in ordered camera and then to purchase a new one with extra batteries. On purchase site should be a big notice "IF YOU ORDER A CAMERA DON'T FORGET TO PURCHASE AN EXTRA BATTERIES AT SAME ORDER BECAUSE AFTER COMPLETING YOU ORDER TO DO IT IMPOSSIBLE''