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Cloud uploading stops after almost complete

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Hi I have the 8 plus the cloud service. Is it a reason why uploading to the cloud usually drops when downloading is near complete? I use it for vlog so my videos are usually log and take upwards to 14 hrs to download to the cloud. I have great internet service. I only have this problem with gopro cloud. Eventually it does download completely, but this is after. Several times of trying. Mind you, it takes about 14hr to download/attempt to download each time. Please help, I want to like it so bad, but so far my experience with downloading and uploading hasn't been pleasant.
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Re: Cloud uploading stops after almost complete

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Hi @getem1,


Sorry to know that you're having some problems with GoPro PLUS Service.

May I know if you already tried manually uploading the files?


I would suggest to upload the large file first.


Please let us know how it goes.