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Re: Cloud upload is not working correctly

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yes, it was the 6.12, but I re-installed the app and now the content is in sync with the content within the web browser. But unfortunately there is content, that has not be synced to the cloud. So back to the base problem: I made a video (Hero mode) and the Max should have been uploaded it to the cloud. But it does not show anywhere in the cloud. When I tried to manually upload it via the web browser the upload takes some time, but after the upload there is no video and under the activity panel it says "The media already has been uploaded".


So is there any possibility to re-upload the video? Changing the name of the file did not work.




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Re: Cloud upload is not working correctly

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Hi Bastian,

Can you tell me more about the media?  Open the video in the GoPro app tab and tap the three dots and then tap info.  Can you attach a screen shot of the media info for the files that will not upload?

The info screen should look like this:


Also if you want to share your GoPro email adress with me (the one you use to login to GoPro Plus) I can check the upload status of your media.