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Camera HILIGHT not uploading

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When I am hitting the HILIGHT button on the Hero 7 during a recroding of a live event to mark that specific part of the game, the HILIGHTs do not not carry over when uploaded to GOPro Plus and in QUIK.  I have to add the HILIGHTs when reviewing the video in GoPro Plus, but then when those open in Create mode in QUIK, the HILIGHTs are not there.  I can see HILIGHT Tags in the videos I want to edit, but when they open in QUIK they are no longer there as well.  Hoping there is an easier way to quickly summerize all HILIGHTs that I am tagging during the recording for quicker editing.  Any ideas on this?  I have tried on a Mac, Ipad and Windows devices.   Thank you

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Re: Camera HILIGHT not uploading

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Hi @toddo21


Hilights done on the camera should carry over when the file is uploaded to PLUS.

How was the upload to the cloud done?

Would you be able to do a test recording and show us your workflow through a video?

This will help us isolate the issue further.