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Am I being billed twice for my SUBSCRIPTION?

Today Gopro billed me $49.99 for a subscription. I thought when I purchase the Hero 9  October 13, 2020 for $374.47 9 that the SUBSCRIPTION for one year was included.  I contcted GoPro and was advised;  

"We have records here that can prove that you are already a subscriber since 2019 and you also have the price breakdown on your invoice showing that the subscription is not included on that purchase. The subscription for the camera is through the Bundle Promotion and mainly for non subscribers. If you logged in to your account and placed the order, it means that you can't have the free subscription as it a part of the deal.". The way it weas advistried the SUBSCRIPTION was included. I don't bhave this per GoPro; Every order placed has final invoice sent once the order has been shipped. It also shows on your account the price break down of your recent purchase.

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Re: Am I being billed twice for my SUBSCRIPTION?

On October 13, 2020 this is what I purchased and it stated

        "includes 1-year subscription to GoPro1"


If it was included why was I charged $49.99 today November 19, 2020 for a 1-year subscription

HERO9 Black

1-year subscription to GoPro1
 Is Gopro is charging me for my Hero 8 SUBSCRIPTION that I asked to be cancel???
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Re: Am I being billed twice for my SUBSCRIPTION?

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Hello @gator. I was able to locate your GoPro Subscription account using the email address on your Support Hub profile. I understand that you currently have an active annual GoPro Subscription that started 10/20/2019 and with the initial billing date of 11/19/2019. You were recently billed for the yearly subscription.


Your most recent camera purchase doesn't have the annual subscription associated with it. If you're already a subscriber and signed in to your account when you purchase the camera, the annual subscription is removed upon checkout and the discount is applied to the HERO9 Black camera purchase.


The Subscribe to GoPro Bundle discount applies to a new purchase of an annual subscription to GoPro combined with a purchase of a full-priced. For further reference, please see the terms and conditions of the Subscribe to GoPro Bundle promo.


Current GoPro subscribers get a discount on our top cameras; MAX, HERO9 Black, and HERO8 Black. More details here GoPro Subscription Discounts.