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There's a new firmware update for your HERO5 Black and your HERO5 Session... and we have new updates for Capture and Splice now available. Time to update!

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Whether you’re just stopping by to ask a question or offering up solutions like there’s no tomorrow, GoPro Support Hub likes to reward its members for participating. Our rewards are based on a system of ranks and badges given out based on different community and member-to-member interactions. It’s our way of encouraging participation and letting newer members know they’re getting answers from seasoned GoPro users.

You earn ranks and badges when you:
- Post a question or start a discussion
- Reply to a Post
- Add Tags to a Post
- Get a Hi-5
- Give a Hi-5
- Reply to a Post and it’s accepted as a Solution
- Wow us with your expertise
- Stoking out the entire community

You’ll be rewarded with more ranks and badges as you move up the ladder. You can check out how every member ranks by hovering over their avatar or nickname.