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standard frame broken

On a day when it was about 107 °F, my Hero Session Standard Frame had broken apart. All four vertical posts had been pulled apart, apparently from the Camera expanding more than the posts. I'm a retired Mechanical Engineer and have seen in metallurgical testing similar conditions at the center of these broken post. There is a nipple on one post and a divot on the other perviously joining post.


Is there a way to get the broken Standard Frame replaced at no cost to me. I take very good care of my equipment, this is not the type of wear and tear that should happen to this type of equipment.


From now on I'm going to release the latch in hot weather, if the problem is not addressed by GoPro.

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Re: standard frame broken

As this is a community support site conditions of users of GoPro products, there is not a lot we can do for you.

You should reach out to the GoPro Support Team and see if they can help you