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smart remote solid red led

Smart remote is new.  Use it with GoPro 6.  I have used it to control the GoPro successfully.  This morning I paired them and started recording, then noticed that the smart remote red LED is on solid and its buttons unresponsive.  There is a little black dot in the middle of the LCD screen.  The GoPro camera is working fine and I was able to stop recording with it using the camera controls directly.  The remote remains locked with the LED on solid, all three buttons unresponsive, and the dot in the middle of the LCD screen.  


What caused this, how do I get it out of this locked-up mode, and how do I prevent this from happening again?

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Re: smart remote solid red led


Hi @karmor


Please try to reset your Smart Remote by pressing and holding the Power/Mode button on the remote for about 8 to 10 seconds.

The remote will power off and can then be powered back on.


I am not certain as to why this happened.

Was this used underwater recently?

Do you remember anything that may have caused this? Was it dropped?


You may also reach out to our Support Team regarding this.

They are available by phone or chat.






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Re: smart remote solid red led

Ej, the reset worked and the remote appears to be working normally again.  Thanks!


Neither the remote nor the GoPro have been immersed in water.  They were subject to a 30 minute rain shower on a bicycle ride 6 days ago, but both worked fine afterwards.  They are both securely attached to my bike and have not been dropped.


One technique I've read about for using the remote to help prolong GoPro camera battery life is to wirelessly connect the Smart Remote and GoPro, then turn turn off the GoPro by long-pressing the Smart Remote's mode button.  This appears to turn off the GoPro.  Pressing the Smart Remote mode button again "wakes up" the GoPro and I can use the remote to start and stop videos as desired.  Do you agree this is a good technique?




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Re: smart remote solid red led

Thank you for the update, @karmor. Great to know that the remote control is working fine now. Keeping the connection between the Smart remote control and the camera is a good technique. This will help save battery power by not having to go through the pairing process again.  Best regards!