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smart remote not turning on

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My smart remote is completely dead, its not charging at all and screen is blank. left it on charge for two hours and still doesnt turn on.. Will i be able to service it?

Last i used it was in the beach and worked fine, till when i havent used it for a few months, it just died. 


Any advice on servicing it?



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Re: smart remote not turning on


Hi @incognito004


I am sorry to hear that your Smart Remote is not powering on. Kindly try to press and hold the Power button on the Remote for at least 8 seconds. See if it will power on.

The remote should reach a full charge in 4 hours if using the computer and 2 hours if using the wall charger.  When charging is complete it's important to ensure that you disconnect the remote from the charging source.

Note: if the contact points on the remote are dirty, it can disrupt the connection and inhibit the remote's ability to charge.  Be sure that those contact points are free of dirt and debris.  Use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol or a toothpick to clean the metal contacts on the bottom of the remote as a troubleshooting step.


Should it still be the same, let our Support Team know. You  may reach them via phone or chat.