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scratch already on new Hero 9 Max Lens Mod

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I got a new Max Lens Mod for my Hero 9 less than a month ago (end of Dec 2020). I used them twice while snowboarding when I noticed an oily mark on them. So I tried to clean them without success and just ended up making it I think it might be a scratch! I never dropped the lens, but I recall once my hero 9 detached from me while crashing in pure snow powder! I would have expected the lens to be better quality than to be scratched by snow powder! Anyone with similar experience, or any tip on how to get the scratch cleared out?

(I contacted GoPro support, they said they gonna email me more details on a fix/solution...never heard back from them since then! way to go GoPro!!)

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Re: scratch already on new Hero 9 Max Lens Mod

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Hi @salima101


Sorry to hear about what happened.

As the lens is a fixed part of the camera and not removable, we, unfortunately, do not have a way to replace it. However, if the scratch on the lens of the camera is shallow enough, a camera or eyeglass repair shop may be able to buff out the scratch.


You may also reach out to Support to follow up on your case.




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Re: scratch already on new Hero 9 Max Lens Mod

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Bummer! This happened to me within the first few weeks of owning mine as well. I love the accessory and what it provides for stabilization. But, durability is a problem for some applications.


GoPro really needs to build out a lens protection system for the MAX Lens mod. Since it's glass, it's just not rugged enough for all applications. They should develop a "protective contact lens" or something similar to curtail this problem.