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remo not working out of the box

I purchased the Gopro Remo Remote a while back and never got the chance to use it. Today I decided to open it and give it a try only to find that it will not charge and no lights come on. After seeing comments on this site I see a lot of others are experiencing the same problem. DEAD OUT OF THE BOX!! Do I have any options on replacing this?


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Re: remo not working out of the box


Hi @foggymesa65263,


Sorry to know that.


Please contact our Customer Support team via phone or chat:

They might be able to help you with your Remo. 





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Re: remo not working out of the box

Hi, I also have the same issue, I bought a go pro hero 5 black July last year, extra battery & charger, smart remote, carry case, numerous mounts etc, I also got a Remo, I basically didn't use any of this apart for turn it on and used the camera a couple of times just to try it. Then tried to use earlier this August, charged the Remo overnight, went out for a hike and found the Remo was dead, seems to me there's an issue with battery control meaning if the batt gets too low it just can't charge. Smart remote seems to still be working ok.
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Re: remo not working out of the box

Hello @spiryhero20350


Let our Support  team help you with the Remo. It is odd that it suddenly stopped working. Our team here will be able to sort it out for you. You can reach them via phone or chat. 


Best regards,