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out of stock

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I have eneterd for requests for Chat or Call back for 4 days. Nothing. I really want to give you my money, but you have to answer my 3 simple questions. That's all. 60-90 seconds. 
Please read the messages on this website and on your Facebook page. When you see how many complaints you have about your lack of response to your customers, what are you thinking? We can treat customer's like crap and they will still buy our products. 
This is not even close to Customer Support. Please respond to ME. Please respond to your other customers. Without us, you have no job, no business. The arrogance of GoPro is beyond comprehension. 

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Re: out of stock

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@christarak - Sorry you've had trouble connecting with our team. It does look like our team has tried to call you, but were unable to reach you.


If there's something we can help you with here though, please let us know what your questions are.




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Re: out of stock

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Lol the one time he could have got the answer's and he didn't even ask the questions. What a lemon 🤣🤣