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hero 5 mic adapter will not work - audio input NA

i am connecting the Go Pro mic adapter for hte Go Pro Hero 5 and i cannot get the audio input setting to work. It says NA and is grayed out. I have tried disconnecting it reconnecting it, messing with theprotune setting, trying mulitple microphones, trying multiple Go Pro mic adapters as i was thinking perhaps the first one was broken, but no nothing seems to make the audio input turn from NA to actually making the mic work. This is frustrating as it appears to be a plug and play device yet doesnt seem so simple now. Any help will be greatly appreceiated before i toss the adapter and camera into the dumpster (only kidding i would donate before i threw out)

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Re: hero 5 mic adapter will not work - audio input NA

Hi @mafic9,


What external pics are you using?


You may need a TRS Adapter for those to work.