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gorpo hero 7 black mic adaptor not working

i purchased a hero 7 black, 3.5mm mic adaptor and rode videmicro recently. the videomicro works on other cameras but i get no audio from the gopro. quick capture is off. the battery charging does work through the 3.5mm adaptor, but not the audio.

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Re: gorpo hero 7 black mic adaptor not working

Hi @armourbearer,


Do you get the same result when recording video without the Mic Adapter connected?


Have you also tried using different external microphone to isolate if it's a problem with the adapter or microphone? When you mentioned that videomicro works on other cameras, are you referring to GoPro cameras?


Kind Regards,



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Re: gorpo hero 7 black mic adaptor not working

Hey Ann thanks for the reply. Without the mic adaptor the gopro could record audio just fine. I tested the rode videomicro on a dslr. One thing to note though, when i plug the adaptor in the gopro, i could select mic input settings in preferences. Does this automatically mean that the mic adaptor is working just fine?

I haven’t tried other mics on the gopro though as i do not have another, but will borrow one from others, hopefully i can find another person who has a gopro so i can test the mic adaptor on another gopro device.
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Re: gorpo hero 7 black mic adaptor not working

Hi @armourbearer


That may indicate that the camera detects the mic adapter.

Feel free to post back once you're able to test it out with another device.