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external microphone + karma grip ☹️doesn't work !

Hi !

I wanted to use with my Hero5 and Karma grip my external microphone with the GoPro Mic Adapter To have a very stable interview's movie with top High quality sound ! 


BUT ... it doesn't work !!!!


When You put the mic adapter on the USB of the Karma grip ( You can't put it on the camera directly which is on the karma slot !) There is no other sound that internal mic !


That's really a shame because I think that I am not the only one who wants good interviews with good sound ???



Have You got an answer to solve this problem or could You make an update to make it happen... This utilisation seems having sense, no ?


Best Regards,





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Re: external microphone + karma grip ☹️doesn't work !

Hi @kentwix


I understand that you would like to get the best quality for both audio and video while using you GoPro camera but the USB-C port on the Karma Grip handle is not designed to work with the mic adapter. The mic adapter works only when connected directly to the camera. Thank you for your feedback/suggestion though. We will pass this along to the team. 


Best regards, 

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Re: external microphone + karma grip ☹️doesn't work !

Unfortunately the grip/harenss uses the USB-connector in a non-standard way. Some connector pins carry non-standard voltages and some pins are used for the video feed on the drone system. This cross connection is done inside the harness for the camera. At least its the official explanation. So mabye the Hero bus is not supported even if the USB cable can be used to offload content to your PC.