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cold shoe accessories don't fit media mod

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I have a hero 9, and just bought the media mod thinking it would be convenient for a lot of things.  I use it for outdoor stuff as well as for self-tape auditions at home where I have a reader on zoom.  I wanted to attach my phone to the camera using the media mod for the zoom call and be able to attach an external mic (which I keep closer to me on a tripod).  Well, so far, so good with the mic and sound.  However, none of my accessories with a cold shoe actually fit into the media mod.  It seems to be a common problem  How can I work around this?


For the record, all of my accessories do fit into the cold/hot shoe of my DSLR camera, so I know it's not the accessories.  I then did a test with my external mic to see if that would fit.  It wouldn't, but I stupidly thought I just needed to push it in to get it to expand.  I did so, and nearly took off a finger trying to get it back out.  I had to finagle it with a screwdriver.  For something so expensive, what in fact is the use of it if all you can do is attach an external mic?  


Anyone else have this problem and manage to fit their accessories in?  I just want to see if anyone who had this same problem has managed a work around, and see what other people have done.  If not, I'm just going to return it.