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anyone try these helmet mounts?

anyone try these helmet mounts?


sorry if this is taboo to post but I am looking for an alternative to the $29 gopro helmet mount



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Re: anyone try these helmet mounts?

HI @swiftpeak62234,

It is entirely understandable to look for alternatives. Just make sure that you take a lot of care when mounting your cameras especially when using a non-GoPro adhesive and mounts.

Please do read our warranty information to guide you through in case of accidents:

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Re: anyone try these helmet mounts?

There are cheap mounts, and there are expensive mounts.

There are also second-hand mounts.

This is what I would go for. Many people selling there cameras still have mounts left, so i would message them, and see if you could buy a couple of mounts. The owner will probably let 2-3 go for a cheap price of about $10 for the bunch