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anybody know how to program the auto motion on a FeiyuTech G6?

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G6 is an electronic gimbal for GoPro. It’s a Chinese company, and their website is functional, but rather sparse, and the pdf manual just shows basic functions, not the power user type stuff I’m trying to figure out.


I can’t find any sort of user forum, either, so even though it’s a long shot, I hope somebody here can help me out.


The gimbal has a function where, when you pair it up with the smartphone app, you can program it to do a pan over a certain amount of time, say an hour, so you can do a time lapse shot.


This tutorial video got me most of the way there.


The thing I can’t figure out is this- I can program a starting point and an ending point and a time and can get it to move. Problem is, I want to do strictly a left-to-right pan movement, not any up-down tilt movement. The app has fields to put in both parameters. When I put in only a pan parameter and leave the tilt parameter blank and start it going, it still tilts all over the place and ends up pointing straight up or straight down, as well as doing the pan as well.


The app doesn’t let you put in a custom parameter. The parameter it asks for is how many rotations per second or per minute or per hour. Lowest is 12s/r (I assume that means 12 second per rotation), longest is 8h/r (8 hours per rotation). Same numbers for the tilt field. There is no option for 0 rotations per hour or 0 pan per hour.


So, no matter what I do, I can’t get it to not tilt when I program it to pan. Anybody know how to do this?

This is a tutorial on how to shoot motion-timelapse with you GoPro Hero5 or Hero6 using the Autorotation function of your FeiyuTech G6 Gimbal. Get the FeiyuT...