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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

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if it works then use it....waiting for someone from go pro to get back to you is a waste of time. i was suppose to recieve an email or call in 24 to 48 hrs and haven't .....that was week ago!

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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

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@Anonymous wrote:

Hi Gerard,

I have just been through this exact same thing. Minus the remote.

I have had a response from the GOPRO support which has enabled me to update the firmware of the BACPAC succesfully. They are not 100% clear in the instruction, at least for my case.


Follow this, I have added some points which they have left out in {}

Install "GoProStudioPC-" which you seem to have already;


  1. Open the GoPro Studio program. (Do not update if prompted to!)
  2. Connect the Wi-Fi BacPac to your computer.
  3. Enter the Help menu and select "Device Window"
  4. When the screen prompts you to register the Wi-Fi BacPac, do not select the button to do this.
  5. Instead, you will now press power button on the Wi-Fi Bac-Pac{Press power for few seconds untill the BACPAC power is turned off}  and the Update button should activate after a few moments. {The register button is removed, and the update button takes it's place}
  6. Let the Wi-Fi BacPac update, and then you can change the name and password on the same screen Device window to then pair to the GoPro app.{The BACPAC will power on during, and once complete stay powered on, my settings remained intact, I did not have to change anything further}

This process still does not allow registartion, but at least the firmware can be updated so things work.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for documenting this! I had the same problem. I upgraded my HERO2 to the latest 312 firmware using the manual process (download onto SD card, press shutter+power button). The WiFi Bacpac needed a firmware update too because the PHONE & TABLET option in the HERO2's WiFi menu would never stick.


Following your above steps, only 1 of my laptop's 3 USB ports would even show the WiFi Bacpac in GoPro Studio. The rest kept saying I to plug it into a USB port, when Windows displayed a driver installed message for all ports. Then I had to repeat step 5 at least 10 times before the UPDATE button finally appeared, and it was successful the first time. Now the PHONE & TABLE setting works.


Thank you so much!

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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

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it does not work the studio gopro closes and when it comes down he tells me to recorded my wifi

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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

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Hello  @ghislainl27


As GoPro Studio has already been retired, it would be best to get in touch with our Support team for further troubleshooting steps. You can call or chat with them through


Best regards, 


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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue SOLVED

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" Turn your computer wifi OFF when on the devices manager page. It should stop asking you to register it and instead click 'update'. This will prompt you and tell you that there is no internet connection. Turn your computer wifi back on and then quickly press the update button. This worked for me and allowed the wifi bacpac to update and thus work with my Hero 2! "

I think this just worked for me out of everything in this thread so far. On Mac OS Sierra 10.13.6, GoPro Studio 2.0.


BacPac Version 3.4 is the latest?