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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

Hi Guys,

Not sure if I'm in the right place to post this, but, I'm experiencing exactly these issues with my recently purchased bacpac in Australia. None of the 'workarounds' have helped I still cannot update the firmware.

Do you have a permanent fix for this problem yet? Or, at the very least an interim solution?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue



Please help, i have the same problem

=> Workaround presented doesn't work

=> GoPro Hero2 (up to date) + WiFi BacPac + Remote

=> GoProStudioPC- - Windows 8.1


I can connect my BacPac WiFi

I can change WiFi name / paswword

BUT I can't upgrade because "Register" doesn't works and no update button appear!

 => Where is GoPro support?


 => Just make the "Register link" works again!



Why will i buy a new GoPro camera if upgrade issues are not corrected?


=> unbelievable : An upgrade exist et no way to apply it!



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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

Hi Gerard,

I have just been through this exact same thing. Minus the remote.

I have had a response from the GOPRO support which has enabled me to update the firmware of the BACPAC succesfully. They are not 100% clear in the instruction, at least for my case.


Follow this, I have added some points which they have left out in {}

Install "GoProStudioPC-" which you seem to have already;


  1. Open the GoPro Studio program. (Do not update if prompted to!)
  2. Connect the Wi-Fi BacPac to your computer.
  3. Enter the Help menu and select "Device Window"
  4. When the screen prompts you to register the Wi-Fi BacPac, do not select the button to do this.
  5. Instead, you will now press power button on the Wi-Fi Bac-Pac{Press power for few seconds untill the BACPAC power is turned off}  and the Update button should activate after a few moments. {The register button is removed, and the update button takes it's place}
  6. Let the Wi-Fi BacPac update, and then you can change the name and password on the same screen Device window to then pair to the GoPro app.{The BACPAC will power on during, and once complete stay powered on, my settings remained intact, I did not have to change anything further}

This process still does not allow registartion, but at least the firmware can be updated so things work.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

I cant register my wifi bacpac so that also means I cant register my remote. I cant use any of the items I just bought.



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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

I have tried steps listed and the update still will not run.


Any updates on this or something new I need to try?



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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

Did you get any help for this issue?

All the best 


@christoffe33170 wrote:


Just bought a Wifi BacPac+Remote on sale at my local camera store here i Norway.


It is packed with a note that says it needs to be updated before use. So I followed update instructions on your support pages and installed GoPro Studio from the supplied link. Everything goes smooth, devices show up in the Device Window. BUT, before I am allowed to update the Wifi BacPac, it needs to be registered. When I click the register button i am sent to a GoPro website that no longer exist and get a standard webpage 404 Error. 

(FYI, my GoPro HD Hero2 is successfully updated).


Is there any way you can manually register my Wifi BacPac so I can get on with updating it? Can you manually link the serial number (see attached picture) to my GoPro username? If there is no fast solution to this I will need to return it to the store for refund ASAP.


Thanks in advance for any input! 

 Best Regards

Christoffer Steinsvåg 

BacPac register error.png



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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

Once I installed the older version GoPro Studio it took a while and after a lot of trial and error I did get it updated.


I had to keep trying different USB ports on my laptop as well powering it off and on and it finally worked when I plugged it into my laptop docking station.


Once I got updated it synced to my phone with no issues and works great!


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Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue

Mine was returned. I do not have time for that kind of user hostile products ;)