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WiFi BacPac Issue - Unable to Register

I had an old GoPro WiFi BacPac that I could never get to work with my Hero2, but I decided to give it one more try and it took me about a week to get it working and I used a Mac and 2 Windows computer but I have finally got it to work.


Steve's post really helped but I was stuck on step 5, no mater what I did I could not get passed the registration page. But when I downloaded GoPro CineForm Studio (link below) I was able to get working, Yeah!!!

‎06-16-2018 04:23 AM
Re: Wifi BacPac update/registration issue@quickdusk2230 wrote:

Hi Gerard,

I have just been through this exact same thing. Minus the remote.

I have had a response from the GOPRO support which has enabled me to update the firmware of the BACPAC succesfully. They are not 100% clear in the instruction, at least for my case.


Follow this, I have added some points which they have left out in {}

Install "GoProStudioPC-" which you seem to have already;


  1. Open the GoPro Studio program. (Do not update if prompted to!)
  2. Connect the Wi-Fi BacPac to your computer.
  3. Enter the Help menu and select "Device Window"
  4. When the screen prompts you to register the Wi-Fi BacPac, do not select the button to do this.
  5. Instead, you will now press power button on the Wi-Fi Bac-Pac{Press power for few seconds untill the BACPAC power is turned off}  and the Update button should activate after a few moments. {The register button is removed, and the update button takes it's place}
  6. Let the Wi-Fi BacPac update, and then you can change the name and password on the same screen Device window to then pair to the GoPro app.{The BACPAC will power on during, and once complete stay powered on, my settings remained intact, I did not have to change anything further}

This process still does not allow registartion, but at least the firmware can be updated so things work.

Hope this helps,



This is where I was able to find GoPro CineForm Studio