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Why do I have to wait so long for items Gopro Hero8

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Each time I check on the light for my Hero8 out of stock so do the mod display ? What’s going on with this company they never have things in stock . And all the crooks on eBay are selling these items for over a $100.00 taking advantage of GoPro not having items available to buy . I am looking for alternative cameras as I can’t relay on GoPro looks like they do not know what the hell they are doing . Just ordered over $320.00 accessories and shipping was ground which really sux other companies like B&H and Adorama ships expedited shipping 2-3 days . I just don’t understand they want the business for this amount it should be ASAP shipping .
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Re: Why do I have to wait so long for items Gopro Hero8

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I was in the same position, the media mod becomes available and the light is not or vice versa. I ended up ordering the Zeus as a light mod and ofcourse they didn't give the Plus+ discount on the Zeus even though it is $20 more expensive compared to the lightmod. I have a feeling that they don't want to stock the lightmod so people end up buying the Zeus and paying the extra amount.

US residents are lucky because the shipping is free. For example, I am in Canada, they charge $20 shipping for each order which means I have to wait for everything to become available or order them separate and pay $20 on each.