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When will you fix the Canadian web site so we can finally order The Remote in Canada?!?

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"The Remote is [blah blah blah]. It is currently available in North America only with a worldwide release coming in Feb. 2021."


Could someone please tell the folks running GoPro's web site that North America is a continent, not a country!!!  And that continent also includes Canada and Mexico.


Well guess what, you can NOT find The Remote on GoPro's Canadian or Mexican web sites.  It's been over 10 days now since it's supposed to be available in "North America", yet it can only be found on the US web site.  But you can NOT place an order on the US web site and have it shipped to Canada.  Which is quite stupid since when ordering on the Canadian web site you still have to pay in US dollars AND the order is always shipped from the US anyway since GoPro doesn't seem to have any warehouses in Canada.


Can you please fix this ASAP and make The Remote available on the Canadian site as it's supposed to be since December 17th?!?


I've been waiting for this for weeks to order the Hero9 Black Bundle because I'm sick and tired of paying 20$ shipping on every goddamn order because every single item seems to come out with a few weeks or months in between.  20$ for the Hero9, another 20$ for Polar Pro ND filters, another 20$ for the Max Lens Mod, then another 20$ for The Remote.  Those f___ing shipping fees add up and completely cancel the "discounts" you get with the subscription.  Let me at least combine multiple items on the same order for once!!!