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What should I buy?

Hello, I'm buying a fairly cheap GoPro Hero6 over the Hero5 as we are traveling to Alaska, Canada, LA for a combined 33 days over December for our once in a life time (maybe) family Vacation.

We have Samsung phones & Iphones to go with Video Camera & digital cameras.

We are doing loads of activities & hopefully viewing the Northern Lights, We 1st looked into Hero5 but after 3 hrs of viewing YouTube, Hero6 is perfect for our cause I believe?

No a friend works in an electronic store & can get me the Hero5 for Au $408 or the Hero6 under Au $599.

I also asked for the following accessories;

Protector case
3 part extension pole/tripod
Extra battery
64gb micro sd card
Chest strap
Head strap
Floating case.

But wondering at such good pricing if I should take advantage & get everything I would need for the trip. If you though I would benefit?

Another battery which comes with a 2 battery charger,
2 more 64gb cards
Extra Lense?
Should I get a light attachment?
A stability pole?
More Sd cards or batteries?
Underwater dome?

I wouldn't say money isn't an issue but this is like a family bucket list & overspent on everything so far already.

We are wanting footage of the northern lights no.1
Going skiing, dog sledding, reigndeer slieghing, ice fishing, visiting Lake Louise, Niagara Falls & LA but we are also amateurs at photos etc so any help would be appreciated.
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Re: What should I buy?

First, GET THE HERO6. It is MUCH better and well worth the extra cost.

33 days = get as many 64GB SD cards that you can. If you will have a computer to offload the videos and pictures regularly, then you only need a couple. If you wont be able to do it until after your trip, then calculate how many cards you need by total recording time you anticipate for each activity. You can use this chart for your calculation: It's for the Hero4 but you can expect similar times with the Hero6.

The 3-Way is a great hand held mount and it's versatility will cover you in many different situations.

You can get an extra protective lens as a, "just in case" but probably wont need it. I have one in my camera bag, but it's very unlikely you will scratch or damage the lens. If you do happen to scratch it, the camera can film without it, it just wont have the same protection for the lens.

Stability pole? I think you are referring to the Karma Grip. The Grip will give you amazing results, but honestly, the stabilization on the Hero6 is so good, this is truly a luxury item. I have a Karma Grip and always use it when filming with my Hero5 or Hero4. The skiing and sledding will benefit from the Grip, but your videos should still look pretty good with the Hero6. If you want the ultimate best, get the Grip. If you are ok with very good but not the ultimate best, then just get the Hero6.

One extra battery should be fine but you might want to have two extra. This is a list of Battery times.