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Waterproof selfie stick for go pro 7 white

I have a go pro hero 7 white. Can someone recommend a selfie stick? Also how does the selfie stick snap a pic? I purchased the remote only to learn it isn’t compatible with the 7 white. I plan to snorkel with the go pro. Any recommendations?
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Re: Waterproof selfie stick for go pro 7 white

Selfie sticks usually have a bluetooth remote either built in, or have a holder for a removable remote.  The remote is usually a bluetooth remote.  There are several knock off remotes out there that claim to work with GoPro's.  The problem is, the GoPro 7 white doesn't support the GoPro remote, so it may not work with any of these knock offs either.


You can buy a selfie stick, but you're best off using the GoPro app in order to take a photo.  I would recommend a self stick with groves in it (as other selfie sticks are just smooth poles and once a GoPro is attached, they may just slide around so your camera is hanging upside down).  I also recommend a selfie stick with a threaded bottom so you can attach it to a camera tripod if needed.  


This is one that I use for my photography and I think it's a great selfie stick.

It comes with a phone attachment and a bluetooth remote that works with most phones, however be warned, the remote will NOT work with your gopro.