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Using supersuit with smart remote

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Hello! I have a hero 7 black, a smart remote, and a supersuit. I'm having a hard time getting the remote to connect and maintain connection to the gopro while it's in the supersuit. Are there any tips that anyone can offer to establish and maintain the connection within the supersuit?


Here are the specifics:


I'm using the camera while kite-surfing. I have a mount that attaches the gopro to my kite lines, 10-12 feet away from me. The remote is on my wrist. While I'm setting up my gear, I open the supersuit, make sure that the camera and remote are connected, close the supersuit, and launch my kite to get out on the water. In the launch process, I nearly always submerge the camera in the water, and I know that the remote signal does not work in water, so by the time I am out on the water and riding, the remote is showing the "connecting" animation, which looks like a volume or wi-fi strength indicator. If I let it keep trying, and keep both out of the water, the remote manages to connect in 30-40 minutes. Then the remote works normally. 


I know that the remote will work when the camera is in the supersuit, and it maintains the connection well once it has connected, but how can I get them reconnected quickly when one or the other has been in the water? I've tried holding my hand as close as I can get it to the camera (maybe within 8 feet) but that doesn't seem to help. I also try turning the remote off and on again, but that doesn't seem to help; it connects only if I give up for a while and let it keep trying for 30 minutes or so.


Is there any way that I can speed up the connection process in this setup so I don't have to wait so long to reconnect?

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Re: Using supersuit with smart remote

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Hi @timm545


To help isolate where the trouble is, please pair the camera with the GoPro app and see if the connection will be the same.

You can also test the camera while paired with the remote (not near/ underwater).

One last thing, test the camera again, this time take the camera out of the case.


Let us know how it goes.





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Re: Using supersuit with smart remote

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Thank you for the debugging advice, Ej.


I put the camera in the supersuit, closed the door, and turned the camera on. Then I opened the gopro app on my phone and it connected to the camera within a few seconds. I could use the app to see the camera view and control it. Then I turned on the smart remote and it connected in a few seconds. So the camera works fine within the supersuit on dry land. The problem seems to be when it gets in the water. Later I can try some tests in water to see how the disconnection and reconnection works. Please let me know if you have any other suggestions.