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Timelapse GoPro Hero 6 rotate with sun and charging during timelapse

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Hello everybody,


I want to create a timelapse with my Hero 6 black edition. This timelapse must film the sunrise till the sunset (1 photo every 5 minutes).

Does anybody knows if there is an accessoire which can rotate with the sun and you can set the rotating speed in any position you want but also works for half a day, instead of max 2 hours?


I’ve also got a question about charging the battery from this GoPro Hero 6 during filming;

Some people say this is not possible with a Hero 6, some people say this is only possible by using a supercharger and not a powerbank and other people say this isn’t a problem if you use an external charger after you remove the battery out of the GoPro .


What is true?


By using some other GoPro camera’s models this isn’t a problem.


Thank you for your comment



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Re: Timelapse GoPro Hero 6 rotate with sun and charging during timelapse

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@rockybluff5558, thanks for reaching out. There's no such GoPro accessory or mount. However, other Hub members may have some suggestions. Let's watch out for their ideas.

The camera will work normally when powered from an external power source. If you opt to have the camera continuously charged for extended recording, some users let the camera powered from an external power source 5V 1A (5V 2A recommended for HERO8 Black, HERO7 Black, Silver, and White, HERO6 Black, Fusion, HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session) via USB-C cable. 


In addition to this, I suggest removing the battery if you will be using the camera for very long-term shooting (e.g. Timelapse) to prevent the camera from overheating – at some point, preventing potential damage to the battery as well. Other users have expressed similar suggestion when using external power source for continuous recording. 


On a side note, without the battery installed, the camera will eventually turn off the moment that the external power stops. 

Hopefully, this helps.

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Re: Timelapse GoPro Hero 6 rotate with sun and charging during timelapse

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well my dude, you can find some stuff like that but it will not be cheap. Check out products such as this.

You are looking for a slider that is automated by an app and is automatic. It is not a gopro product but with an attachment that you can buy for just a buck or two you can put it on a camera mount and here you go. 

There are some cheaper ones but they are not automated. This you could set with your phone to pan the sky all day.