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The Remote-Hard to read display

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Just got the new 'The Remote'.  I expected the display to look like the pictures on the accessories website.  The current display is very hard to read, the characters are extremely small.  With all the display space the font size could be increased a lot.  This would really help the older generation that need glasses for the really small stuff.

Please consider an option to enlarge the text and make it more legible like the pictures on the website.



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Re: The Remote-Hard to read display

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I have the same problem. While cycling, I wear sunglasses which additionally worsens the visibility of these tiny numbers
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Re: The Remote-Hard to read display

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@dennisd7100,@manfrednt, we appreciate your feedback. We are continuously working on improving the experience of our users. We'll relay this information to the team in charge.


Let us know if anything else comes up. Stay stoked & have fun capturing moments using your GoPro!