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The HUGE go pro mic adapter problem

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So I went a sponked a load of dough on a go pro hero 7, external mic, mounts etc... I bought the go pro for motovlogging, but NO WHERE has the external mic adapters in stock in the UK.

The fact you can only use the official mic adapter is unfortunate, but I was willing to forgive for good quality video and audio! Ive been trying to find a mic adapter every day for weeks and had no success.

This is massively anti consumer, I just want to record a motovlog without wind noise but I can't. When are these gonna be back in stock? Everytime I contact customer services they say 'We don't know when we will have them, we had new stock a couple weeks ago and it sold out'

I hope they are back in stock soon or I'm done with go pro.
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Re: The HUGE go pro mic adapter problem

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Sorry for the inconvenience, @noblecrest610. It is true that the mic adapter has almost always been out of stock. Due to larger than expected demand, the stocks get sold out quickly. At this time, we do not know when it will be available again. Since this is the case, you may watch out for rupdates through . Thanks!

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Re: The HUGE go pro mic adapter problem

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I watch the Accessories stock and see that they do come up as available. Unfortunately, they also get sold out within hours. I suspect that there are people buying in bulk and seriously hope that GoPro will put a limit on available purchasing as people are turning around and selling them for $150+
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Re: The HUGE go pro mic adapter problem

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Hello Everyone!


The mic adapter is NOW available at