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Super suit not fully closing

Hi GoPro,


I wanted to send you an email but wasn't able to find a support email address, since chat currently isn't available I'm posting it here.


Since I am a diver I ordered the Super suit dive housing with my GoPro Hero 5 Black when I ordered that a while ago. Because I had a lot of faith in GoPro I didn't test out the housing before going on vacation.


On vacation I found out that the housing doesn't fully close. Because the GoPro itself is waterproof to only 10m and we dive to max 30m I wasn't able to take my GoPro diving. I attachec a picture for your reference.


Of course this is quit a bummer! Can you let me know how you're going to help me resolve this issue?


Thank you!


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Re: Super suit not fully closing

Hey there @nilsinater,


I could definitely understand some concerns with the gap you are seeing. First off, I recommend pinching the door completely closed with your thumbs prior to securing the SuperSuit Latch down. This will ensure the door is in fact pushed in as far as possible. Secondly, the white rubber seal acts as a gasket. Once the rubber makes contact the seal will initiate. Anything pressed further in is more reassurance of the seal.


Based on the photo, I personally would not fret. Just ensure you are pinching the door completely closed prior to latching and you should be good to go. I am aware all of the waterproof housings are pressure tested before being sent out to ensure quality. 


If you are still unsure, then I recommend performing a test. Take an empty housing with you on a dive and identify the results. Ultimately,  the housings are tested and designed to hold up to the use in this specific setting. Just ensure the seal is clean and you are closing the door properly. 




Eric G

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Re: Super suit not fully closing

Hi @ericgonz,

Thank you for your response! I will test the housing on my next dive, unfortunatelly I don't have one planned on the short term.

If in 2 years I'd find out that the housing does let water through, is there something I can do? Would that still be covered under waranty?


Thank you!

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Re: Super suit not fully closing



Does anyone else have the same issue?


I've also purchased a super suit and found mines exactly the same with a gap between the housing and door. Will it hold up to the rigors of diving to 60m? It this just the way it is and considered a normal fit? If so I'm a bit surprised given the finish GoPro usually has on products. 


I'll be pretty annoyed it it doesn't work as advertised and the camera gets damaged!





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Re: Super suit not fully closing

Hi @epicsand64686,


Like Eric mentioned in his previous comment the Super Suit should be fine with that gap. As long as there is a seal with the housing itself you should be okay! My Super Suit has a similar gap and I have had no issues with it. You can always test the seal in a sink before you go out just to make sure you are not getting any water in the housing.