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Re: Super Suit made to obstruct view

@danielr15 wrote:
All good, although again a little clarification is needed. They hero5 black thin the hero6 black were the only cameras that were available. It's not that the supersuit wasn't designed for the hero7 white or silver, it's that those two budget cameras weren't designed for it.

Not since the Hero 3, many years ago, has GoPro offered the white silver and black versions of the hero camera. While you might not need all of the features of the black camera, traditionally this would have been the only camera buy GoPro that you could have chosen.instead of thinking of it as GoPro limiting your options with the hero7 lineup, I hope you can see that they actually offered more options to people this year than they have in the past.

Yep, I understand your argument, that the new budget cameras weren't desgined for the Super Suit, instead of the other way around. And it is good to see GoPro offering budget camera options as well to open up the market. Hopefully they will begin supporting their budget cameras as well as they do their top-line ones.

Thanks again for the conversation.