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Smart remote won't highlight clip

I recently contacted GoPro support and told them about this issue. I have four GoPro 7's and I've paired each one to the smart remote. The issue is that when all of them are connected, and they are recordig.. When I try to click the highlight button on the remote.. nothing happeneds.. When I contacted GoPro about the issue, they didnt seem to know what the issue was.. so they sent me a new one.. I got it two days ago, and tried to do the same thing again. But for some reason it doesnt work. It's funny because it says that it can connect up to 50 cams..But if you have a lot of cameras rolling, and you want to capture the moment... you can't highligh the clip? 

Does anyone else have this problem.. I'm I doing something wrong? 

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Re: Smart remote won't highlight clip


Hi @bluedawn84503


Thank you for sharing this.

We were able to replicate the issue and we have raised this to the team in charge.

We'll update this thread once we have the information.