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Smart remote strart recording when HDMI connected

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I am using 3 GoPro Hero 6 which are connected by HDMI cable with HDMI switch and data projector. Each camera is powered by USB. Each camera is also paired with Smart Remote. Smart Remote is working fine cameras are not connected with HDMI. I can start recording and do everything with Smart Remote with all cameras. But when cameras are connected with HDMI then I cant start recording with Smart Remote but I can change modes (video, photo, time-lapse...). Is there any solution, or is it normal function?


Thank you! 

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Re: Smart remote strart recording when HDMI connected

Hello @plizi


You should be able to record wile the cameras are connected to the TV. Which HDMI output is your camera set to? Try this. Set the camera to Media. Preferences > HDMI Output > Media

You will be able to see an icon for a camera on top (of display). Navigate to the icons through the Mode button on the Smart remote control, then select the camera icon using the Shutter button on the remote. 

Make sure that the mode displayed on the camera is Video, then navigate to the upper left portion of the screen to highlight Record. Press the Shutter button to start and stop recording. 

Hope this helps. 



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Re: Smart remote strart recording when HDMI connected

Hi Maurius,


thank you for your brief answer. But I don't think it helps me, because I use Smart Remote for start record of 3 cameras synchronously and second I like to have live output on HDMI when recording. For me, it is strange, that I can change mode with smart Remote on all cameras but I can't start recording. Maybe this is an idea for next firmware update :-) 


Thank you!